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She doesn’t feel anything in particular,
no hate, no distaste either,
so probably it´s already desire.
But she doesn’t know it.
She doesn’t “speak,”
she throws her trembling body forward;
she lets go of herself,
she flies;
all of herself passes into her voice,
and it’s with her body
that she vitally supports
the “logic” of her speech.
Her flesh speaks true.
She lays herself bare.
she physically materializes
what she’s thinking;
she signifies it with her body
But although the words are there
ready to be howled,
to be mourned,
they are not pronounced.
Such emotions are very subtle,
very deep, very carnal,
also very essential,
and completely unpredictable,
they nest entire lives in the body.
That is voice.
It is a train
passing through your body.
It crosses it.
That’s when one starts to talk
of those emotions
that are difficult to express,
so strange and yet,
they take over you.

(‘Molecular Love’, 2016, script excerpt)