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The Scene:
A small living cell hosts a molecule in constant motion. Happily lost sometime in the future, this molecule composed of two atoms, does not form a tissue nor an organ, but rather a body without organs. The molecule takes a path of random steps through the female body ́s sexuality and reproduction system, its relationship with other bodies, bacterial sex and other forms of sex where the body is no longer a singular natural thing but rather something made out of multiple elements. Through a sensitive and playful relationship, voice and body come together seen, at times, through a free diffusing membrane. The two atoms of this molecule, change their shape, get closer, expand, copy each other, listen to each other, have a dialogue, come apart, fall in love.

Scene 1: she doesn’t feel anything in particular
Scene 2: warm-up
Scene 3: a-b-s-t-r-a-c-t-s-e-x
Scene 4: dinner is served
Scene 5: beso besito
Scene 6: desire is a type of appetite
Scene 7: fffffffffff -the bulls
Scene 8: pum-pum-boy-boy + chihuahua
Scene 9: a-f-f-e-a-f-f-e-dead fish
Scene 10: I combine, you combine
Scene 11: monkey
Scene 12: almost never
Scene 13: mamamamama
Scene 14: I´ll be a little late
Scene 15: micro feminine particles
Scene 16: come closer
Scene 17: woman, where are you?
Scene 18: on the shore by the stage, shall i pick you up?
Scene 19: Renata
Scene 20: bubabubabubabum
Scene 21: kicking, crawling, pushing, reaching
Scene 22: brrrrrrrr -body builders
Scene 23: I´m back -the peacocks
Scene 24: the giants -drinking tonic
Scene 25: walking through the fields of potential
Scene 26: a body is never one
Scene 27: nasal
Scene 28: your eyes
Scene 29: cla-cla-cla 
Scene 30: new and old mutations
Scene 31: the punk moment
Scene 32: lullaby
Scene 33: mala 

Una pequeña célula viva alberga a una molécula en constante movimiento. Felizmente perdida en algún momento del futuro, la molécula, compuesta por dos átomos, no forma un tejido ni un órgano, sino más bien un cuerpo sin órganos. La molécula toma un camino de pasos aleatorios a través de la sexualidad femenina y su sistema reproductivo, en relación con otros cuerpos.

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