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Drops on a hot stone
i.c.w. Jacco van Uden, Céline Berger and Mieke Moor
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam /Den Haag Hogeschool, The Hague

In March 2017 the artist Mercedes Azpilicueta and Jacco van Uden, head of the Change Management Research Group at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, will temporarily swap their positions. They will take over each other’s’ work and everything that comes with it, for one entire month. Their personal experiences, comprehensively documented with texts, audio and video recordings are going to be analyzed from two different angles. Organisational philosopher Mieke Moor (Member of the Change Management Research Group) will reflect on their experience in a discourse analysis. Video artist Céline Berger together with Jacco and Mercedes, will create a video essay inspired by the experience. Both explorations, the discursive and the artistic one, will feed a series of events in 2018. Artists, researchers, philosophers, art historians and critics will be invited to review and critically discuss The take-over; experiment with a broader public.
Drops on a hot stone is a research project, both academic and artistic in nature. Its aims are to provide rich food for thought, to deepen the exchange of knowledge between art and organizational research. The radical gesture of taking over each other´s work is expected to generate new insights, questioning our preconceptions on the worlds we work in, thus revealing new areas for action. 

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