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2013 – 2018
video animation, 6 minutes, 40 seconds, loop

An animated cartoon in the form of a female grater embodies and voices a script that combines in a poetical sense vocabulary from the chemistry world, especially in relation to the chemical reactions; definitions of tear gas from Wikipedia; chanting from the market sellers in Rotterdam; list of different types of meat and kitchen tools; and closing and openings from e-mail vocabulary.

The script was originally performed at the exhibition Dutch Art Institute Istanbul at the Galata Fotoğrasanesi Fotoğraf Akademisi, Istanbul, September 2013. Curated by If I Can´t Dance I Don´t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution, Amsterdam.

The video animation was produced by the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art for the solo exhibition Cuerpos Pájaros (Body-Birds), Buenos Aires, November 2018 – March 2019.

Concept, text: Mercedes Azpilicueta
Voice: Mercedes Azpilicueta
Animation and 3D modeling: Azul Demonte
Voice recording and sound editing: Tiago Worm Tirone