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2014 – 2018
Video animation, 7 min, 45s, loop

A dragged animated cartoon embodies and voices in the form of a declamation a script composed out of a wide range of references: passionate football reporter Omar Bentancor announcing the goal of Chuco Sosa playing in Argentinos Juniors against San Lorenzo, calm and irritating intonations in the voices of two yoga instructors, recollections of a control-freak demanding mother, and the fierce struggle between superheroes Captain America and The Invisible Woman, a story outsourced from a conversation with a child. The script is delivered to orally evoke what could be rendered as an excessive sign of force within our common everyday spoken language.

The original script was performed at IMMA Irish Museum of Modern Art in March 2014 as part of It Makes us Think of a Dance and a Fête as Much as of War (On Violence), a series of international symposia leading towards the EVA International Biennial AGITATIONISM that opened in Limerick in 2014. The symposium was conceived by Doreen Mende at the invitation of EVA 2014 curator, Bassam El Baroni.

The video animation was produced by the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art for the solo exhibition Cuerpos Pájaros (Body-Birds), Buenos Aires, November 2018 – March 2019.



Concept, text: Mercedes Azpilicueta
Voice: Mercedes Azpilicueta
Animation and 3D modeling: Azul Demonte
Voice recording and sound editing: Tiago Worm Tirone